Moog minitaur techno loops

Moog Minitaur Techno Loops

(SPF_TTMT1 — 24Bit WAV)

Moog Minitaur Techno Loops is a deluxe collection of techno loops made with the moogs brand new bass synth the Minitaur. All the loops have been created on the Moog Minitaur and recorded through Universal Audios 710 pre amp, From there the synth loops have been processed with Universal Audios plug in suite, including the LA2A, Harrison EQ, Studer tape deck and pultec EQ.

The Moog minitaur sample pack combines the best of these two industry standard brands to create a mammoth moog minitaur sample pack.

Moog Minitaur Techno Loops contains a selection of 11 bass and synth loops that are perfectly suited for techno, minimal, deep tech and tech house.

Most importantly “Moog Minitaur Techno Loops” is a free techno sample pack so you can have all the power of the synth without splashing out the cash.


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8 Responses to Moog Minitaur Techno Loops
  1. demir says:

    awesome..thx 4 sharing :)

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  3. Callum Lister says:

    well processed techno loops

  4. colornotte says:

    Good !

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