dubstep sample pack

Producer Essentials: Dubstep

(24Bit WAV, Massive Presets)

Be warned Producer Essentials Dubstep is not for the faint hearted, this pack contains nothing but pure raw power. Everything that is needed in modern day dubstep productions comes in this sample pack, lots of loops, hits and with a gargantuan dose of massive presets thrown in.

Producer Essentials: Dubstep is a mammoth sample pack of 858 loops/hits and 200 massive presets. This presents you the producer with everything you need to make monster dubstep tracks that will destroy any dancefloor.

Producer Essentials Dubstep contains floor shaking basslines, dirty beats and unique glitched out leads. Also included is a folder of rootstep sounds that allow you to add a more organic dub flavor to your productions.  So no matter what style of dubstep your looking to produce this dubstep sample pack is sure to fit your needs.


4 Responses to Producer Essentials: Dubstep
  1. adam scurry says:

    wow I need to buy this pack wow

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